Discography of Loma Records - The Olympics
Loma 2017 - The Olympics - July 1965
Baby I'm yours / No more will I cry
The Olympics - Baby I'm yours - on Loma Records
Time - 2:25. Catalogue: HR70040.
Writers: Elgin - Rogers. BMI.
Regent Music Corp.
Arranged and Conducted by Garry Sherman.
Produced by Jerry Ragavoy.
A Kama-Sutra Production.
45 rpm vinyl record label scan of Loma 2017 - The Olympics - No more will I cry
Time - 2:55. Catalogue: HR70044.
Writers: James Shaw. BMI.
Towles Publishing Co.
Arranged and Conducted by Gene Redd.
Produced by John Criner and James Shaw.
Aries Music Co.