Discography of Loma Records - Part 5
Discography of Loma Records - Part 5
Loma 45rpm record releases: 2081 - 2106

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2081: Lonnie Youngblood
African twist pt1 / African twist pt2

2082: J.J. Jackson
Sho nuff (Got a good thing going) / Try me

2083: Lorraine Ellison
When love flies away / I want to be loved

2084: Ben Aiken
The life of a clown / Satisfied

2085: Linda Jones
Give my love a try / I can't stand it

2086: Carl Hall
You don't know nothing about love / Mean it baby

2087: The Implements
Ole man soul (part 1) / Ole man soul (part 2)

2088: The Realistics
Brenda Brenda / How did I live without you

2089: Bobby Reed
I wanna love you so bad / I'll find a way

2090: J.J. Jackson
Down, but not out / Why does it take so long?

2091: Linda Jones
My heart needs a break / The things I've been through...

2092: Roy Redmond
Good day sunshine / That old time feeling

2093: The Mighty Hannibal
Get in the groove / Somebody in the world for you

2094: Lorraine Ellison
Try (Just a little bit harder) / In my tomorrow

2095: Tommy Starr
Better think what you're losing / Love wheel

2096: J.J. Jackson
Come see me... / I don't want to live my life alone

2097: Lonnie Youngblood
Roll with the punches / Tomorrow

2098: Carl Hall
Dam busted / I don't want to be (Your used to be)

2099: Linda Jones
What can I do without you / Yesterday

2100: Ben Aiken
Baby you move me / Thanks to you

2101: The Voice Box
Baby, baby don't you know / I want it back...

2102: J.J. Jackson
Too late / You do it cause you wanna

2103: The Mighty Hannibal
Good time / I just want some love

2104: J.J. Jackson
Courage ain't strength / That ain't right

2105: Linda Jones
It won't take much... / I who have nothing

2106: John Wonderling
Midway down / Man of straw