Discography of Loma Records - Baby Lloyd
Loma 2014 - Baby Lloyd - Apr 1965
There's something on your mind - Part 1 / Part 2
Baby Lloyd - There's something on your mind part 1 - on Loma Records
Time: 2:20. Catalogue: HR70077.
Writers: Jay McNeely. BMI.
Mercedes Music Company.
A James Brown Production.

Baby Lloyd's "There's something on your mind", released by Loma in April 1965, was originally a 1959 R&B Billboard hit for its writer, R&B tenor sax legend Big Jay McNeely (Cecil McNeely, b: April 29 1927, Watts, Los Angeles), who recorded the song on the Swingin' label.

The original track, featuring 'Little Sonny' Warner on vocals, achieved Gold Record status, ie, sold over 1,000,000 copies, stayed in the R&B charts for some six months and even crossed over to the national Billboard Top 100 chart where it peaked at 44.

The song also became a Number 1 R&B hit the following year when it was covered by former Huey Smith and the Clowns lead singer and sometime on-stage female impersonator, Bobby Marchan (Oscar James Gibson, b: April 30 1930, Youngstown, Ohio; d: December 5 1999, New Orleans.)

'Baby' Lloyd Eugene Stallworth achieved recognition as a songwriter and member of James Brown's backing singers, The Famous Flames, and his Loma recording of "There's something on your mind" is produced by Brown himself. As an artist in his own right, Baby Lloyd released just three singles - "I need you"/"Wait and see" for Dade/Atco in 1960, "I refuse to cry"/"Precious one" for the Hollywood label Wolfie in 1963, and this one for Loma two years later.

45 rpm vinyl record label scan of Loma 2014 - Baby Lloyd - There's something on your mind part 2
Time: 2:01. Catalogue: HR70078.
Writers: J. McNeely. BMI.
Mercedes Music Company.
A James Brown Production.

James Brown features on three Loma releases as producer and/or writer. Undoubtedly, his connection to the label being through general manager Bob Krasnow, who, prior to setting up Loma on behalf of Warner Bros had worked closely with King records, the musical home of Brown.

One presumes that Krasnow had purposely sought the input of James Brown because another member of The Famous Flames, Bobby Bennett, also had an outing on Loma, as did Walter Foster, the tour bus driver who delivered Brown and his band from State to State, town to town and gig to gig!

James Brown on Loma

The three Loma records with a direct involvement from the 'Godfather of Soul' are:

Loma 2014: Baby Lloyd - There's something on your mind Pt 1 & 2 - April 1965
(James Brown as producer on both songs)

Loma 2016: Bobby Bennett & the Dynamics - Soul jerk Pt 1 & 2 - July 1965
(James Brown as producer and writer on both songs)

Loma 2018: Walter Foster - Waitin' / Your search is over - Aug 1965
(James Brown as producer on both songs and writer of "Waitin'").

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